The progression of technology and the cloud has opened up a new world to music artists and filmmakers alike. No longer does a video require a whole crew, cast and artist to be shooting in the same location. In fact, you don't even need to be in the same country. 

In 2017, I expanded into shooting remote music videos for international artists. It was an experiment, because I hadn't tried it before, but I soon realised that working like this suits me perfectly. I love other cultures, and music from across the world, and it means that I have access to amazing art/ music and opportunities I didn't have before. Read on if you are interested!

so what is a "remote music video"?

Good question. A remote music video is a video that I shoot in the UK, with the opportunity to add in your performance/ lip sync, shot in your hometown. This is a very unique way to shoot a video, but it isn't for everyone. Many bands will want to focus solely on performance, and if this is the case, it is usually better to find a videographer/ DOP in your area. 

However, if you're open minded, and are open to something more conceptual, artistic, or a unique storyline with some awesome UK locations as a backdrop, then this could be the perfect option for you.

What does the process entail?

The first step is to decide on a song and budget. I have included the options for budgets below: (Prices in GBP. USD/ International rates are charged at the conversion rate on the day of paperwork signing, so will change depending on the rate at the time. Currency converter here: )

£400- £600 (GBP) ($569-$840) (USD) (+5% Paypal Fee) 

At this budget level, you have access to one unique location, a couple of actors, and a 4K shooting package. This is perfect for new artists or those on lower budgets. It will be a super high quality video and of equal quality to my other work, just without the bells and whistles. Sometimes, this is all you need, especially for simpler concepts. 

£600-£900 (GBP) ($840-$1258) (USD) (+5% Paypal Fee) 

 At this budget level, you have access to 2-3 locations, several actors, a 4K shooting package, plus the opportunity to be a little more ambitious. For example, you could afford an action scene, or a small prop to be built. The case study below was made in this budget range, towards the upper level, due to an action scene and prop builds. I have found this to be the most popular budget level. 

£1000+ (GBP) ($1400+) (USD) (+5% Paypal Fee) 

Whilst many artists won't have the budget for this level, it is perfect if you are looking to be more ambitious, with a cast of extras, or several locations and action scenes. 

PLEASE NOTE: With all budget levels, there is an opportunity to send in your performance/ lip sync. At the bottom and middle budget levels, you would be expected to shoot something with your own camera/ a friend to send on over. With the upper budget level, there is an opportunity to find a videographer local to you to shoot the performance, depending on exact budget and plans. 

this sounds awesome... do you have a case study?

Of course! In October 2017, I released a music video for NYC-based artists "Mercury and the Architects". After sending over a track and discussing budget, we talked over email about the idea, and I wrote up a treatment. I spent a few weeks making props and securing locations, and then we shot the video over three shoot days. The final project was released on the 1st November 2017, and can be found below! 

More information? Get in touch!  (use the form at the bottom of the linked page) 

what if I just need some footage for a video i'm making?

Some artists only require me to shoot a part of their concept, and I'm always up to collaborate this way. Whether you'd like a storyline, some abstract shots of the UK/ UK talent or unique stock footage, I can make it happen. My rates for this service are as follows:

A) Half- Day- Half day with 4K Camera + Lighting package. Shoot for four hours as per your plan. £200 GBP/ $261 USD

B) Full-Day- Full day with 4K Camera+ Lighting package. Shoot for eight hours as per your plan. Includes two actors OR extra equipment. £400 GBP/ $523 USD

C) Stock Footage- Stock footage filming rate per hour, one hour minimum fee. £40 GBP/ $52.36


Actor- £25/ $32 an hour

Locations- As per location fee. Enquire to find out!

Editing- £30/ $39 an hour

Want more information? Get in touch!  (use the form at the bottom of the linked page)