I just released a new music video for Midlands- based artist Ralph De Luffa. Ralph contacted me after seeing a post on Facebook, and we hit it off immediately. 

When filming a video for a debut single, a filmmaker holds a certain responsibility for making sure the project really captures the brand and vibe of the artist, as it's often the first thing the audience will see other than a few promo stills. Ralph had a tonne of ideas, and we found a shared love of 90's nostalgia, which really informed the direction the video went in. 

Ralph came down to Portsmouth for the shoot, and we filmed across two days. For the shoot, we decided to keep it conceptual and performance based, but with a small narrative, so we also roped in excellent actor Ellis Tustin down from London to play the lead role. 

The shoot was a blast, and after a focused two weeks of editing, the video is finished! As always, I'd love your thoughts, so leave them in the comment section below! And if you're looking for a music video or video content, don't hesitate to get in touch!