I've just sent off the second draft of my script to my friend and awesome reader Michelle Goode (I have linked her website in one of my previous posts, and this isn't a sponsored shoutout of any kind- I just love Michelle's work!) 

The thing I find with scriptwriting is that nothing ever really comes together until you finish. I mentioned in my last post that I was worried about my idea, and whether I could really bring it to life in the way I wanted, but upon finishing the last couple of pages and tweaking a few things, I am very happy with the direction it is going in. 

I realise that a lot of my blog posts are a bit of a ramble, so I'd like to offer some information and advice today- and that is on scriptwriting software. 

Now, scriptwriting is enough of a pain in the ass, without having to try and battle some unruly software (or even worse, trying to align things in Microsoft Word... *shudder*) My software of choice is Fade In Professional Scriptwriting Software.  Again, all of this is just my opinion and I haven't been paid/ persuaded to give a review. 

The power of Fade In is evident in its stability, affordable price and ease of use. I have been using the software for a few years now, and haven't had a single problem. There is a great iPhone/ Android app which is highly functional, and you can save drafts to Dropbox with a click of the button, to resume writing on a desktop, or vice versa. 

The navigation menus include helpful details such as character, navigation of every scene, and colour coding, all at a glance. For full specs, check out the FEATURES page here.

At the time of writing, Fade In is available for $75, about £54. This price is less than an update for Final Draft, let alone the full version- plus all updates to Fade In are free, so the price you pay is all-in-one, no subscriptions or ongoing payments. An absolute steal in the days of Adobe Creative Cloud and subscription models. 

Now, how does it compare to other software? I never used Final Draft due to its price, but as I understand, Fade In does everything Final Draft can do, and I have absolutely no complaints. Before using this, I was a fan of Celtx, however I feel that they have really dropped the ball in the past few years, so I won't be going back. 

So, what are your thoughts? Do you use Fade In and have something to say? Or perhaps you use a different piece of software, and would like to change my mind. Please do post in the comments, I'd love to chat more about this!

Until next time,