Despite huge changes in the industry, music videos are just as important for artists now as they have ever been. A great way to introduce and strengthen your brand as your career grows, a great music video can be worth its weight in gold. 

Many people think that to get a top-notch music video made, you need to have a budget in the tens of thousands (or more), as well as travelling to London or another big city to get a "professional" look. Whilst a Top-40 style video is going to cost that kind of money, there are creative ways to shoot on low budgets, which don't compromise creativity. 

As a filmmaker in Portsmouth, I have built a name for myself by shooting unique, conceptual videos across a range of budgets. I signed to EPiK Music Videos in London in 2017, however I still produce the majority of my work in Hampshire. 

Many companies, both locally and nationwide, tend to be "generalists"- they shoot weddings, promos, corporate videos, events, seminars, take photos, do graphic design etc. This is perfect for clients who are looking for something decent but not overly creative. These companies do everything to a good standard, but lack focus and a distinctive style, which could be dangerous when pairing with an artist from the music industry, where individuality and uniqueness are key. 

I take pride in the fact that I work best when making conceptual content. I grew up in the 90's, where music videos were always pushing boundaries, mixing art and commercialism. Each video seemed almost like an event in itself, existing outside the traditional formats and encouraging creativity and risk-taking. 

If you're looking for a music video in Portsmouth, Hampshire or worldwide, I can help. Once you've sent your track over, we will discuss initial ideas and budgets. I will create a treatment which outlines my idea and how we would pull it off logistically, and then we will start the production process! Quick turnarounds, and always on-brand and on-budget. 

Check out some examples here and get in touch here