I'm back at the midpoint. The second draft of the script has been a little touch and go, but I feel like I'm making progress. This draft is much stronger, and much more succinct. 

Aside from the scriptwriting, at this stage of the game, I have started to make some rough plans. I want to shoot at either Easter or the start of Summer (around June time) depending on the script and also on the availability of crew and cast. One thing I want to make sure of, however, is that I don't rush into things. I have a habit of trying to keep to self-imposed deadlines, but this time around, I want to give the project the space to develop. 

As I write the script, I have questions in my head- will I be able to afford a location like this? Is there a more economical way to write this? Although I think this is a sensible exercise when writing, I feel like taking too much notice of questions such as these can actually hinder creativity. 

Though I need to be realistic in what I will be able to afford, there are ways to get around difficult logistics. When clients come to me, they often ask for things I haven't done before, or for locations that might be out of reach of their budgets. However, I have been quite successful in negotiating lower prices for things like this in the past, so I think it's important to put my Producer brain to sleep a little more when the Writer hat is on. 

As always, I'll keep you updated. 

- Rob