It's been about two and a half weeks since I've looked at the script. Mentors and screenwriting gurus everywhere strongly suggest getting away from writing after finishing a draft, to give you time and clarity to look at it with fresh eyes. And who am I to argue with them? Plus I needed to earn some money so a break away from the screen was a great idea! 

I recently received a script report from Script Reader Michelle Goode (www.writesofluid.com) who has broken down the script in an easy-to-digest document, with information and tips on how to approach a subsequent, stronger draft. If you don't have a reader already, I highly recommend Michelle! This post is in no way sponsored/endorsed, I am talking from the amazing experience I have had with two script reports so far. 

So, after reading through the notes a few times, I noticed that one of the big issues in the first draft of the script was characterisation and the logic behind a few plot points. In hindsight, this could have been down to a lack of research into certain elements on my behalf, but I'm happy that I have a good starting point to start a stronger draft. 

I have three A4 sides of notes, with a plan for an improved structure and more realistic characters and plot logic. I'm excited to visit the story world in my head again to delve deeper, and come out with a strong and tight second draft of the script. 

I'll keep you updated :)

- Rob