#CREATORDIARY- Music Video Production \\ OFFING \\


I love music videos. They are one of my favourite things to shoot, and I really enjoy collaborating with artists from different countries. Recently, I got in touch with an awesome artist from Seoul, South Korea called OFFING. She asked me to conceptualise an idea for her track 'SIMON SAID', placing an emphasis on unique ideas and a storyline structure. Check out the track here and check back for the official music video, coming very soon!



Whilst looking for inspiration for the video, going through references online and out and about, I came across a weird little product in a gift shop- a grow your own boyfriend. I'd seen these before and never really took any notice, but I thought this could be a really interesting prop to develop into a story. From there, I outlined a concept where a character would grow her own boyfriend (from a bath bomb, because, you know) and then be forced to fight for his affection against the woman next door. 

After sending the treatment over, I got to work on making a plan for the shoot. One thing the brief called for was a half-egg shaped bath bomb with a small man figure in the centre. This obviously wasn't a product the local Lush stocked, so I decided to learn how to make bath bombs. As you do. Initial tests were good. Then some of them fizzed all over my kitchen. But we got there in the end! Here is a cupcake-shaped example. 


We shot the video in one day at a basement flat in Southsea, and the surrounding beach/ pier area. Because this project is purely storyline driven, without any performance sections, we decided on a chronological schedule that would allow us enough time to shoot each scene, whilst ensuring we had enough footage for the edit. 

The weather on the day had other ideas, and was threatening to pour down consistently, which would have been disastrous- half of the video needed to be shot outdoors (side note, don't trust early weather reports ;P) Luckily, we managed to move all of the outdoor scenes to the morning, and shot them in a few hours. We then had the rest of the day to shoot the interiors. 

All in all, we wrapped up confident that the footage was the best it could be, and it was straight off to the edit. 



Editing is going well, and we are planning on releasing towards the beginning of February. I am excited to show you the finished video, keep checking back here or @robulitski on Instagram to see it. 

- Rob