Remote Creativity: Livin' To Inspire

After a month-long journey shooting a new music video across Portsmouth, UK, we have finally released the video for “Machine”.

A couple of months back, I was looking for an ambitious project to really challenge myself, and knew that I wanted to find an artist with a global appeal, who had something to say. When I came across “Machine” on Free Music Archive, I was hooked and set on shooting a video for the track.

I worked for a month making the props, and ensuring the small details were all taken care of. I made use of a network of friends and old colleagues to act in it, and everyone did such an amazing job. It’s one of those projects that I will always look back on as being very important and I think career defining. I found a new confidence with this project, and can’t wait to work with TJ and the team again. The track is so strong, and together with the video, I think we’ve really made this a very global thing. Everyone will read into it slightly differently, but we have a strong message, and it’s one that is very clear in this project.